From stage to cyber stage

media pirates changed the music industry

I really enjoy music it is an important part of my life. I am certainly not alone . Since man has been able to clap or sing music has been an art form the drives the human soul. I am not a very good artist but I still sing in the shower,make up my own little ditties and even record my own little sound bites on my phone. Technology has a huge impact on all types of music and it always has.
The artists that create music have always been completely at the mercy of technology from the early days of a cave man using an animal skin to make a drum , to the intricate time-consuming task of building a Stradivarius violin.Steinway piano or the technical wizardry that conceived a korg music writer,technology of the time is truly the master of how music is played, produced and marketed.
When it comes to how the consumer gets to listen to the finished product that also is directly influenced by the technology of the times as well. In the early days tribal cultures would use the stagnant times of the winter to sing songs and perform stories to teach the children of their ancestry ,culture and important lessons of life to help guide their future. Then later royalty would hire great artists of their time to compose and perform for the court using all the financial clout that was available in those times,then later to giant musical productions created for the operas and orchestras in huge concert halls across Europe and the rest of the world,to grand musicals that were produced on Broadway and in Hollywood by the film and radio music halls ,then to great stadium concerts and music festivals across the world put on by giant record companies selling the latest top forty pop music artist and finally to the computer produced self-sufficient garage band of the twenty-first century.In each one of those situations music is propelled by the technology of times in which it is produced.
I believe as times change the art of making,distributing and marketing music will continue to change to. The Press Pause Play piece was totally about how the change in computer technology has influenced so many in the music industry just in the last decade. Just imagine the changes to come because technology advances are not slowing down they are increasing rapidly, faster than ever, so more big changes are bound to rock the music industry. (no pun intended)          Rock On !

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