Go with the flow

When thinking about flow, flux and fluidity the first thing that pops into my head is water. It’s constantly around us and constantly flowing. Thinking a little deeper on those words I thought of the instrument I play, the Sitar. The sitar is an Indian instument and has three functions to it, melodic, rhythmic, drone. With the sitar all functions can be joined together. The tabla is the drumming you will hear in this video. It is much like the metronome for Western music when played with the sitar. When paired the sitar it acts as a constant rhythm and flow for the sitar to play with. In traditional Indian music for both the sitar and tabla it is written to be looped over and over. It reminds me of a constant flow of a river.

My Sitar

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Back in time Breakfast

This is a video compilation I put together comprised of (5) clips extracted from commercials from the 1950′s to the 1960′s. My goals was to have my video be as streamline and smooth of a video as possible, as well as to convey some sort of a coherent message. The message ended up being a simple one, breakfast cereal with a side of nostalgia. I used YouTube’s built in video editor to splice together the video clips which I got from archive.org, a vast database of audio, video, and texts (most of which published as creative commons). The transition tools were fairly limited, but overall I found YouTube’s video editor to be very user friendly and helpful for developing and reworking animation/video content (plus it’s free!).

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