An Introduction to Aviary’s Peacock

This is a screen cast introduction to Aviary’s Peacock image editor which I composed with Screencast-O-Matic, SoundClound, and Windows Movie Maker. After that I uploaded it to YouTube to get an embed code for this blog post (Sorry about the feedback noise in the background). My goal with this video is to demonstrate the basic functions of Peacock and how to navigate through a basic image editing process. This is a new program to me, so I do not get too into depth with it, but I thought it would be good to share what I have learned about navigating through this program. It’s UI is a unique and original hub based system with input and output ports (or plugs) connecting source images through various filters through to the final product. Again, sorry about the audio levels, this was probably like take 28 on the sound recording and my voice started to play hide and go seek with me.

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iPad: Toy or Tool

During my fall term at Lane Community I was given an awesome opportunity of getting to use an ipad all term to help me on my media arts assignments as well as any other classes. When I first heard this I was super excited, I have wanted to get an ipad for awhile but I definitely don’t have the cash to purchase one. The chance of getting to “play” with one for an entire term was very enticing. I was absolutely sure I was going to use everyday for school and fun, and I did, but only for the first week or so.

Don’t get me wrong my title is a little deceiving I am not asking the question of whether the ipad is a toy or a tool, because the answer is both. I am more making an observation. I noticed every time I used the ipad for work or play,it was usually the latter to be honest, I would be doing work but it was like playing around because it was so fun to use. I did a total of three different assignments on the device for my media class and when I worked with it I absolutely enjoyed myself. It was a nice change of pace to be able to work hands on with a piece of hardware and software and make art in a whole new way. For example when we did the scavenger hunt assignment I went around campus with my ipad taking pictures of all the areas and then I was able to throw a litte collage right there on the ipad pretty awesome. Also all the recording I did this term, school or not, was done on the ipad, this was a little less awesome because the microphone on the device isn’t the best but I really enjoyed using the wavepad app for audio editing.
The only downside I found was that I used the device a lot for my online philosophy class and I would want to listent to lectures while out and about on the bus and I couldn’t. This was due to the fact that the ipad did not have a direct internet connection I was only able to surf the web at home. Even though I found this annoying it was only very slight overall my experience with the ipad this term fun and enlightening. Although now I want one even more.

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Need help with iPhoto slideshows?

Have you ever been super upset from all the little programs in a Mac? There seems to be a lot of them. From iMovie, iPhoto, TextEdit, and so on. They are all very simple and user friendly programs, but still can give people a hard time. In this tutorial I gave a really basic lesson on one of the many features of iPhoto. You can make slideshow(which I chose to do), organize ablums, edit pictures, etc. I wanted to get arcoss how to do a slideshow. It is very simple and I just show you a few steps to get you started and from there you can make a masterpiece. I really enjoy having a Mac just for these programs. They are all free, of course you need to buy a computer, and do everything you need. I am an average college student like most and can make Word documents in TextEdit, Organize all my photo in iPhoto, edit them in iPhoto or Preview, and make dynamic movies with iMovie. They were all included win the computer for no extra charge. Back to iPhoto. Once you get a taste of making a cool slideshow, you’ll want to do it over and over with all of your photos. With more practice and time and effort, they get pretty good as well. This video is to just get you on your feet using the program for a brand new beginner with computers and a Mac. I have a lot of fun making and edit my footage on these programs and once you make a few cool projects yourself, you’ll be hooked as well.

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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Compound Paths & Clipping Masks

The intent of this tutorial is meant to show how to set up a basic layering system in Adobe Illustrator, by creating compound paths and mask options by using a variation of elements. By adding a few steps and elements to a design and using certain tools and techniques, the dynamic range of a composition can increase dramatically from a visual standpoint. I pursued this with the hopes to incorporate quite a bit of information on a basic design level, while showing some techniques that can be utilized in a wide range of ways. These two examples that I presented, hold an infinite amount of options depending upon the elements that the user would like to incorporate into their design.  This was not an easy task when it came to writing my transcript for the captions. I was finally able to get them to work quite well, however, I did see some minor problems with timing. I wanted to be as natural as possible when speaking, even though I was quite nervous. The intent was to open up some creativity or ideas for anyone who will watch this, in a way that is relevant and current in today’s market for design. Layers, masks, compound paths are nothing new, however you can see them everywhere right now and they are getting more rich and complex by the day.  I love being creative and sharing some ideas and for this project, I challenged myself by using tools and techniques I have already worked with, but I picked the elements at random and decided to design this pretty much on the fly. The title “SOLO”,  didn’t even occur until I started recording my first sessions and takes on ScreencastO’matic.  I was really challenged with re-writing my script as I deviated heavily from the original because it felt way to robotic and unnatural to me, so I ended up using about the first two sentences in the original and from there it was all improve. With the exception that I have a pretty good understanding of what I was doing, it was a whole new ball game to try and explain with words, each step and process, in a clear and understandable way for viewers. I was so nervous and worried I was not going to complete this project or that my transcript was going to be so off that it would have been a waste of time, but once I really made myself get to it and put some time into the production, editing and detail work on the back end,  I ended up really glad that I was out of my comfort zone for this project, otherwise I don’t think I would have felt as good about the final production. By far the hardest portion was having to take so many times to get started and get comfortable behind the microphone and I also hope that I didn’t sound cynical or like a jerk, I was trying to break the ice and lighten the mood a little, just for the sake that I could loosen up to complete the recording and tutorial that held a bit of who I am and hopefully add some humor. I apologize if I offended anyone or if I was perceived in a way that felt like I was being a jerk. I guess I was a bit sarcastic, but it was not ill intended by any means, so forgive me if I upset you in any way.  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Final Image from Tutorial

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New Bloggers Guide to the Universe

This is a tutorial on how I learned to become a blogger

The term project was quite an interesting challenge for me. I had to sit down and go through the process of what my term project was about. Setting up a blog account with I chose to do a fake persons sign up and went through the motions creating an account. As I was setting up my account I wrote my script on paper as navigated the steps . I tried to keep my spirit high to make the tutorial interesting . I like to speak publicly so I think those skills helped me narrate through the process while keeping the tempo up-beat. I had my paper with my script in front of me and I began to go through the screencastomatic process . I found that it was a lot harder to keep to the script than I thought it was going to be. Recording  and pausing ,Recording and pausing then editing ; the doing it again and again. Because of my lack of key-boarding skills there were many pauses in my recording . Though everything was chopped up I was pleased with the program . It was easy to work with and during the recording I was able to edit my script enough to make the finish product acceptable. I was pleased with the eventual outcome. Technically the downloading and embedding gave me trouble but alas this is a learning process and I’m learning  every time I get in front of a computer.

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