iPad Reflections

How has the iPad changed your approach to work this term?

So you have had a few months to work with this new device and hopefully you have taken advantage of it to try new things. What have you done with it that you feel is valuable?  Is it a benefit or a distraction?  Do you think this tool is more useful for Media Arts content creation, or do you think it could be just as useful for Mathematics, Science, Business, etc.  How has this device affected your other coursework?

Create a blog post that addresses what it has done or how it has affected (in a positive or negative way) how you normally approach school projects and creative work.

Make sure you give examples (minimum of 2) and create links to work created or include screenshots of that work.   As with any blog post, you should have at least one image that helps to visualize some of the content you are describing.

If you decided to not check out an iPad this term (and you don’t own one), you are not excluded from this.  In this case, explain your reasons for not wanting to use the iPad.  As with any written assignments for this class, please support any statements you make.  If you feel that iPads are not useful for education, please support your explanation rather than simple statements.

Post your findings to your blog (in a well written article with a 350 – 1000 word count) When posting this assignment, use iPad as your category so I know to grade your work.

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