Critical Thinking: PressPausePlay

PressPausePlay is a documentary that talks about contemporary digital media culture and production.

PressPausePlay from House of Radon on Vimeo.

Go to and download the Interactive player of PressPausePlay.

Install it onto your computer
Download the video using the download links. (you can also view it on YouTube).

Identify 1 quote that you find interesting and feel comfortable discussing and create a discussion thread in the Critical Thinking: PressPausePlay Forum (on our class Moodle page). Each of you should create your own discussion thread.

After you have posted your quote, come back to the discussion at some point in the next week and comment in other threads that your peers have created  about the documentary.  What do you think about what the documentary is presenting?  Do you feel it is a good representation of what is happening?  Are the changes that are taking place exciting? Do you find them ominous or discouraging?  React with thoughtful discussion.

Finish up all of your comments (posts and responses) by Friday of Week 5 to get credit for this.