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A good practice for any creative professional is to be familiar with other professionals in their field so that they can identify what has been done, but also to find models of similar practices that they can emulate or refer to. If I am a writer, I should be reading a lot so I can easily separate good writing from bad, but also to understand all of the possible modes and styles of writing. A writer that doesn’t read will be stunted and limit their creative possibilities.

The purpose of this assignment is to identify a web resource from your field of interest that is exemplary.

Include the following in your posts:

  1. The Name of the blog.
  2. The URL of the blog, included as a clickable hyperlink somewhere in your post.
  3. A screen-grab of the main page of the site.
  4. The permalink of your article posted to the assignment submission area in Moodle.
  5. A short (100 -  250 word) review that tells us what type of content the site covers, an example of at least one good resource from the site, and how well you think the site is produced, and/or the quality of information.  Make sure to support any statements you make with examples!  Just because the writing requirements for this exercise are short doesn’t mean you should neglect the craft of writing. It is harder to write an interesting informative article in 100 words than in 250 words!

This assignment is worth 20 points provided that you fulfill all of the numbered points listed above.

Make sure to categorize these posts as Professional Blog Search so that I can give you credit for your work!

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